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Entrepreneur Mobile Technologies

Who we are

A start-up that encourages innovation through mobile app development.

Why we are

We are EM Technologies with powerhouse entrepreneurs that specializes in development, stragetic ideas, and entreprenueurship.

Where you are

Have you caught up with technology? Have your business been running the same in the past 5-10 years? Think its time you contact EM Technologies.

How it starts

It all starts with an idea, then you put your idea on paper, next contact EM Technologies. We will meet to work on brings your ideas to a reality.

When looking at smartphone owners by age, penetration is highest among Millennials aged 18-24, 98% of whom own smartphones. Millennials aged 25-34 are right on their heels, with a 97% ownership rate, followed by Gen Xers aged 35-44 at 96%, making smartphones nearly ubiquitous among these generational segments.



Work smarter not harder with mobile apps. Make our city better by using mobile apps. Check out our latest project W2DO. W2DO is an app for events and entertainment. Think of W2DO like an Swiss army knife for events. W2DO will be available soon in your app store. 

Our Mission.

We aim to deliver the best and most innovative one-stop for all mobile app ideas and development. 

Our Values.

We value innovative ideas from our entrepreneurs. Aiming to encourage creativity through mobile apps. 

Our Goals.

·      Maximize Retention Efforts
·      Strengthen Recruitment 
·      Increase Tourism 
·      Provide a single informative location for entertainment and events that new citizens can view

Apps are the FUTURE!

We don’t want to create just another app. We want to solve problems, create experiences, and become the next innovative team for moblie apps. 


EM Technologies is the newest powerhouse team that can create mobile apps locally in the Evansville Area.


EM Technologies has very innovative entrepreneurs who constantly creates innovative solutions to millenials needs.


Entrepreneur Mobile Technologies is your one stop for all of your create ideas that you would like to explore in the mobile app world.

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